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Professor Karl Petter Lillerud

University of Oslo, Norway

LECTURE: Synthesis of metal-organic frameworks and their applications.


Dr. Karl Petter Lillerud has worked as a Professor at the University of Oslo (UiO) since 1996. He earned his PhD in Chemistry from the same institution in 1983. He worked as a visiting professorat MRL, UCSB, California (1998–1999) and at the University of Versailles, France (2007–2008). His main research interests are synthesis and characterization of new crystalline nanoporous materials, potential applications for such materials, and their mechanism and formation. His scientific research has resulted in an impressive number of recent microporous structure types, such as OSI, OSO, OWE, OBW, ZON and AEN as well as the recent MOF topologies like the UiO-66 series of material.

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