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Professor Carlo Lamberti

University of Turin, Italy

LECTURE: In situ characterization of smart materials using large scale facilities.

Carlo Lamberti was born in 1964, received his degree in Physics in 1988, and earned his Ph.D. in solid state physics in 1993. He has been professor in Physical Chemistry at the Torino University since 2006. He has performed more than 100 experiments with synchrotron and neutron sources at ADONE, LURE DCI and SuperACO, ESRF, Elettra, SRS, SLS, APS, SOLEIL, ISIS, SOLEIL, ILL, SINQ, FRM-II, among them two Long Time projects at the ESRF. Prof. Lamberti has been a member of the review committees of ESRF and SLS. His scientific research interest is in multitechnical characterization of nanostructured materials. He is the editor of the book “Characterization of Semiconductor Heterostructures and Nanostructures”, Elsevier, 2008 (2nd edition appearing soon). He has authored and coauthored more than 250 research papers, 10 review articles, and 6 book chapters, which have received more than 9000 citations (h-index 54). At present, he is an Italian coordinator of the European master in Materials Science MaMaSELF ( with Torino, Rennes-1, Montoellier-2, LMU, and TUM universities.

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