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The Book of Abstracts is now available here.

The IWSN2023 programme is now available here.

The IWSN2023 group photo can be downloaded here.


Location & dates

The Smart Materials Research Institute, Southern Federal University

Rostov-on-Don, Russia

14-16 September 2023



Registration – 28th of July 2023

Abstract Submission – 28th of July 2023



  • In situ diagnostics (Диагностика в ходе реакции);

  • Smart materials: Current trends and future prospectives in synthesis (Интеллектуальные материалы: Современные тенденции и перспективы на будущее в синтезе);

  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning and supercomputer modelling (Искусственный интеллект, машинное обучение и суперкомпьютерное моделирование).


IWSN 2023 The International School for Young Researchers will address:

  •  the cutting-edge research into theoretical design and synthesis of nanostructures including microfluidics and machine learning technologies by bringing together the fields of Chemistry, Physics, and Computer Science;

  •  the use of computer simulation methods, synthesis and both synchrotron and laboratory in-situ/operando characterization of nanostructures materials.

Since 2010, the IWSN series:

  • has built on the success of international collaboration in presenting and sharing recent ground-breaking findings on advanced materials and characterization techniques;

  • has been exposing young scientists to the state-of-the-art research methods in materials science in an integrated and highly collaborative environment.


Why attend?

  • Receive hands-on knowledge delivered by top scientists, special guest lecturers and colloquia speakers in your field of expertise;

  • learn about and discuss your scientific benefit when using the synchrothron and neutron radiation source for your research;

  • present and discuss your own research in the presence of experienced international team of researchers (poster & oral presentations, ‘round-table’ discussions);

  • enjoy a space for interaction & establish new and exciting ties with other young researchers;

  • and many more…


IWSN2023 is kindly supported by:

The  Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation (Agreement № 075-15-2021-1363 dated 05.10.2021).

Конференция IWSN2023 The International School for Young Researchers
проводится при финансовой поддержке:






грант № 075-15-2021-1363 на реализацию отдельных мероприятий Федеральной научно-технической программы развития синхротронных и нейтронных исследований и исследовательской инфраструктуры на 2019-2027 годы "Управляемая искусственным интеллектом роботизированная станция на источнике синхротронного излучения для ускоренной разработки новых перспективных материалов и их диагностики в режиме реального времени".




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